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Cyber Ipass

Cyber iPass, The Digital Hall Pass Solution
for today’s modern schools

All of today’s schools should have a digital hall pass. Cyber iPass is an entirely digital and
cutting-edge hall pass, don’t let your school get left behind!

How Cyber iPass Works

Students request a digital pass. The pass is then emailed to the selected teacher. Our system then checks the number of requested passes to a given location. If the location is available for additional passes, the teacher can then approve or reject the pass. Admin or security can check requested passes per day\week\month etc. In case of an emergency, administration can account for every student in the building.

Our specialists are ready to help you become
a cyber security expert!

Cyber iPass Benefits

  • Digital Hall Pass
  • Safety & Accountability
  • Real-time Data
  • Daily Records
  • Visibility & Control

How Cyber iPassThe tool to keep your school safe in today’s challenging educational environment Works

With this cutting-edge technology, you will have the ability to monitor hall passes at the touch of your hands.  If an emergency should occur the administration can account for every student in the building.   Let CYBER INSPIRED help you stay ahead of the curve to make your school
safe and secure.

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